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Kindergarten 1 (3.5 – 4.5 yrs old)

Kindergarten 1 allows children to build the skills they possess and more emphasize is given to development of reading skills through our leveled reading program. Children will develop and nurture good social skills here. Your child will learn effective communication, work in groups and independently, and develop a deeper understanding of their world.

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Kindergarten 2 (4.5 – 5.5 yrs old)

In Kindergarten 2, designed to start promoting your child’s independence, communication and problem-solving skills.Your child will focus consolidation of reading, phonics, spelling, comprehension and numeracy skills. This is where they prepare themselves for Primary Education, improve on self-help skills and train to be independent. This stage will encourage better social skills by more group work.

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Language Arts

Our kindergarten language arts curriculum provides a balance of reading and writing readiness skills. Reading is taught through a variety of approaches that recognize student’s learning styles and introduce the structure and comprehension of increasingly complex text. Children write daily. At first their writing consists of primitive words with simple drawings. Later in the year, they progress to words strung together to form more complex stories.


The kindergarten mathematics curriculum uses hands-on activities to develop an understanding of operations and computation. Major areas of study include: numeration, geometry, data and chance, measurement and reference, algebra, patterns, and frames and functions.


The kindergarten science curriculum is taught through a hands-on program that encourages investigation, purposeful thinking and problem solving. The three major content areas are: life science, earth and space science and physical science.

Social Studies

The kindergarten social studies curriculum helps children see the world from different perspectives. They begin to understand the need for rules and learn about people in their immediate world and in other countries. Children study families, friends and neighbors, their community, state, country and world and incorporate geography and mapping. Attitudes toward good citizenship and social responsibility are emphasized.

Creative Arts

The kindergarten creative arts curriculum encourages discovery, inquiry and wonder. Art projects are presented throughout the year which help students use their developing powers of intuition, reasoning, imagination and dexterity to create unique forms of expression and communication. The music curriculum offers children the opportunity to learn about, experience and appreciate all types of music. The physical education curriculum helps students develop gross and fine motor skills while learning about good sportsmanship and cooperation through a variety of team oriented and individual activities.

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